Gothic Hobby Pro Greenhouses

Gothic Hobby Pro Greenhouses – Cost-effective greenhouse kits that provide plenty of growing space

GrowSpan’s Gothic Hobby Pro Greenhouse allows hobby growers to get a larger greenhouse at an economical price. The large floor plan mixed with the straight sidewalls provides plenty of usable space and lets operators grow right up to the edges of the structure. These greenhouse kits create a versatile environment that is great for growing, seed starting and retail displays, making them just as valuable to professionals as hobbyists. 

This greenhouse is constructed with a durable frame that has been triple galvanized for corrosion resistance. The frame features purlins that supply a good place to hang baskets and plants, making it easy to set up a retail display. The structure is covered by an ultra-durable polyethylene fabric that is expected to have at least a seven year lifespan. It is translucent and manufactured with a rip-stop weave, so if a tear should happen, it will stay contained. 

The GrowSpan Gothic Hobby Pro Greenhouse Advantage includes:

  • These versatile GrowSpan structures provide ample square footage at an economical price.
  • Gothic-style design with straight sides provides the maximum amount of usable growing space. 
  • Heavy-duty, American-made structural steel ensures a sturdy and dependable frame. The steel has been triple-galvanized, so it can withstand corrosive environments.
  • Features 4’ rafter spacing.
  • Frame is covered by 7.5 oz., 16 mil translucent polyethylene. The fabric features a rip-stop weave that promotes a long life and 80% light transmission.
  • The structure’s front end panel has a heavy-duty aluminum door that measures 36”W x 80”H. The door is outfitted with 6 mm polycarbonate. The rear panel is double zippered to provide plenty of ventilation.
  • Purlins provide the perfect place to hang baskets.
  • Ground posts included.

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