Estate Pro Greenhouses

GrowSpan Estate Pro and Hobby Greenhouses – An ideal small greenhouse option

GrowSpan Estate Pro Greenhouses come in a number of options, so hobby growers are sure to find a structure for their needs, whether it’s a small greenhouse or a larger one.

GrowSpan Estate Pro Large

  • The Estate Pro Large is 11’8”W x 8’10”H x 24’8”L.
  • Durable frame is clad with 2’W, 6 mm, twin-wall polycarbonate. This ensures a sturdy and long-lasting greenhouse that lets plenty of light filter through.
  • Frame and polycarbonate feature a 10 year warranty.
  • With a sidewall height of 5’3”, growers are able to place plants to the very edges of the structure.
  • Rugged doors are included. The total door width is 3’10”, and this includes a 23”W standard door and a 23” Dutch door. Doors feature a stainless steel locking handle and a nickel-plated dead bolt.
  • Roof vents provide natural ventilation. For best results, Growers Supply recommends the energy-saving Solar-Powered Vent Opener.
  • Shade panels available.
  • Optional galvanized steel base is recommended.

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Estate Hobby Large, Estate Hobby Medium & Estate Hobby Small

  • The Estate Hobby Large is 9’1”W x 7’3”H x 12’2”L, the Estate Hobby Medium is 9’1”W x 7’3”H x 9’9”L and the Estate Hobby Small is 7’2”W x 6’3”H x 9’9”L.
  • Great beginner options.
  • Estate Hobby Greenhouses enable hobbyists to grow like professionals.
  • Structures are made from high-quality materials. The aluminum frame is covered by dependable, UV-stabilized, 4 mm polycarbonate.
  • Frame and polycarbonate feature a 10 year warranty.
  • Panels are UV stabilized for excellent heat retention and hot-spot reduction.
  • Greenhouses come with corrosion-fighting gutters and end caps, and they utilize weather-tight seams to attach the panels to the frame.
  • The strength and durability of the Estate Hobby Greenhouses allow them to accommodate heaters, fans, benches and other accessories.
  • The small greenhouse comes with a sliding door that is 2’W x 5’5”H and two adjustable roof vents.
  • The medium and large greenhouses have two sliding doors that are 23-1/2”W x 5’5”H and four adjustable roof vents.
  • Shade panels available.
  • Galvanized steel base and ground anchors are recommended.

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