Series 500 Tall High Tunnels

GrowSpan Series 500 Tall High Tunnels feature tall sidewalls, making them the perfect tunnel house for growers that need added clearance.

Producing tall crops has never been easier. This extra-tall tunnel house provides all the necessary clearance and ensures ample overhead space, so damaging heat can be kept away from delicate plants. The improved ventilation that this structure provides can be particularly beneficial to growers in hotter regions and can help operations achieve their highest-quality yields.

Complete ventilation is also obtainable with the customer’s choice of Roll-Up or Drop-Down sides. Sides can be opened or closed with minimal labor, because the “Twist-of-the-Wrist” Assembly allows just one grower to quickly ventilate or close the tunnel house. 

Utilizing a Series 500 High Tunnel allows growers to get their crops started earlier in the year. They can get to market faster and provide additional protection, ensuring crops aren’t lost to inclement weather. 

The GrowSpan Series 500 Tall High Tunnel Advantage includes:

  • Extra overhead room promotes superior ventilation and larger, more-profitable yields.
  • Tunnel houses available in widths of 20’, 24’, 30’, 35’ and 42’. 20’W models are 16’H, 24’W are 16’6”H, 30’W are 17’4”H, 35’W are 18’H and 42’W are 19’H.
  • Series 500 Tall High Tunnels are built to last. Tunnels up to 35’W are constructed from 16-gauge, galvanized steel frame with a 2.375” OD. The 42’W tunnel house is constructed from 14-gauge, galvanized steel with a 3.5” OD.
  • Customers can choose between Roll-Up and Drop-Down Sides. These feature a hand crank assembly that enables quick and easy ventilation.
  • Tunnels up to 35’W have three rows of purlins and 6’ rafter spacing. The 42’W tunnels have five rows of purlins and 4’ rafter spacing.
  • Heavy-duty ground posts included.
  • Create the ideal tunnel house with optional doors, Ridge Vent Kits, End Frame Kits, Roll-Up Ends and Support packages.

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