Gothic Style Multi-Bay Tunnels

GrowSpan Gothic Style Multi-Bay Tunnels Provide Growers With An Expansive Growing Space At The Best Price.

With this cost-effective structure, maximizing available growing area is simple. The Gothic Style Multi-Bay Tunnel allows growers to take advantage of all the traditional high tunnel benefits, including economical season extension and reliable crop protection, but on a larger scale than ever before.

These high tunnels feature a convenient gutter-connect design and are available in both 3 bay and 6 bay options. This means operations of any size are able to make the most of their usable space, while also creating a versatile growing environment that’s ideal for producing a wide variety of field-grown crops and berries.

Gothic Style Multi-Bay Tunnels employ a poly film cover to promote exceptional light transmission and shield crops from inclement weather. Ventilation is also simplified with outer sidewalls that include manual roll-ups and insect netting, so growers can quickly control air movement, without exposing their crops to harmful pests.

The GrowSpan Gothic Style Multi-Bay Tunnel Advantage Includes:

  • The improved high tunnel design creates a large-scale growing space at an unrivaled price point.
  • Available in 3 bay or 6 bay options with 24’W bays. Each bay includes 3 purlins and 6’ rafter spacing.
  • Frames are manufactured from 1.25” OD 14-gauge structural steel tubing.
  • Gothic Style Multi-Bay Tunnels are covered with 6 mil 4 year single layer film that offers excellent light transmission and durability.
  • Outer sidewalls are designed with manual roll-ups to allow for quick and easy ventilation. Included insect netting protects crops against pests.
  • Each bay features an 8’10”W x 6’6”H door on its endwall that slides open for easy access.
  • High tunnels come complete with numerous wind-resistant features, including a curtain skirt, curtain pocket and a rope that installs in a zig zag pattern over each bay.
  • Ground posts are made from 1.66” OD 10-gauge steel and provide exceptional support. For increased wind protection, these posts can be set in concrete.

To find out more about how the GrowSpan Gothic Style Multi-Bay Tunnel can improve your operation, call or Request a Quote today.