Gothic Premium High Tunnels

The GrowSpan Gothic Premium High Tunnel is a gothic high tunnel that helps to improve crop yield and quality.

This gothic high tunnel provides growers with a cost-effective structural solution. These structures feature straight sidewalls and a roof that comes to a point at its center. The versatile design provides the maximum amount of usable space, as crops can be planted to the sides of the structure, and this structure is a great option for a wide range of crops. 

GrowSpan gothic high tunnels can also be clad with a number of different cover options. This allows growers to best optimize their growing structure. No matter what the tunnel is covered with, ventilation is always simple in a GrowSpan high tunnel, and complete ventilation is possible with just a twist of the wrist. 

The GrowSpan Gothic Premium High Tunnel Advantage includes:

  • Ideal for just about any crop. This high tunnel provides improved temperature control, while also ensuring protection from weather, predators and pests.
  • Sidewalls are 6’H, so growers are able to plant to the edges of the structure.
  • Roll-Up and Drop-Down Sides enable four-sided ventilation and can create natural ventilation with just a twist of the wrist.
  • Available in 20’, 26’ and 30’ widths.
  • Gothic High Tunnels feature durable construction that utilizes American-made frames that are 14-gauge, triple-galvanized steel. Tunnels up to 26’W use 1.66” OD pipe and 30’W tunnels use 1.9” OD pipe.
  • Cover options include PolyMax® 5.2 oz., 12 mil Clear Woven Greenhouse Covering or Sun Master® 6 mil 4 year Greenhouse Film. PolyMax covers provide 85 percent light transmission, have UV inhibitors and their durable construction provides a four year warranty. Sun Master film also has a four year warranty and features anti-static additives that repel dirt and dust. This film provides 92 percent light transmission and has UV additives.
  • End panels feature Roll-Up Doors that utilize a Hand Crank Assembly. The 20’W tunnels have a 16’W x 10’H door, and the 26’ and 30’ W tunnels have 20’W x 10’H doors.
  • Gothic Premium High Tunnels feature 4’ rafter spacing, and optional Support Kits and Rafter Kits are available for additional strength in areas with heavy snow.

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