Low Tunnels

The perfect Low Tunnel for any operation

Growers Supply has been designing and manufacturing growing tunnels for decades, and over this time have created a number of innovative structures. GrowSpan Low Tunnels provide growers with a unique and compact deign that allow growers to get an early start on the growing season. Low Tunnels are a great way to beat the competition to market and add an extra harvest to the growing season. 

Besides allowing growers to lengthen the season, these structures also provide invaluable protection to developing crops. The durable cover of a GrowSpan Low Tunnel protects plants from damaging pests and also creates a barrier that provides protection from harsh weather, like rain, hail or snow. 

High tunnels and low tunnels are often made from cheap materials that breakdown overtime and reduce a property’s appearance, but GrowSpan Low Tunnels are made from the highest-quality materials. Each Low Tunnel ensures years of use. They are constructed from triple-galvanized steel frames that won’t corrode and are covered with high-quality materials. 

Growers Supply Greenhouse Specialists can help growers pick out a Tunnel that is ideal for them. Grow Span Low Tunnels include: 


When cultivating within a structure, it is essential to keep plants at the proper temperature. Heat stress can quickly become an issue, but GrowSpan structures take this into account. GrowSpan Low Tunnels can provide effective ventilation at a moments notice. The Roll-Up Low Pro Tunnel even has an innovative design that enables the sides to be rolled to the structure’s peak, essentially leaving the plants outdoors and able to soak up the sun and fresh air.

GrowSpan Low Tunnels can boost harvests and improve any operation’s growing season. Adding a Low Tunnel is quick and easy, and Greenhouse Specialists are always available to help growers pick out the tunnel that is best for them and their operation.