GrowSpan Contributes to Professional Marijuana Grower

October 20, 2017   

GrowSpan provided an article to Professional Marijuana Grower about the major benefits of automated greenhouse growing. The article, entitled A Proper Growing Environment Leads to Successful Cannabis Harvests and Maximum Profits, highlights industry issues faced by growers and proposes that greenhouse growing and hydroponics are two of the most valuable tools to increase product quality, profitability and efficiency in growing.

In this article, GrowSpan customers Tim Caine of Bend, Oregon and Jerry Denny from Elk, Washington discuss how greenhouse specialists helped guide them towards designing the ideal growing environment for their cannabis crop. Greenhouse expert Jon Kozlowski knew exactly what these specific operations were missing, and suggested automated technology and hydroponics systems that have drastically increased profitability and savings. Switching from field production to greenhouse growing with the latest technology helped these growers save water, reduce labor costs and control the greenhouse environment. With the precision of automated technology, both Caine and Denny were able to optimize the quality of their harvest.

One of the greatest benefits of choosing GrowSpan Greenhouses is the access to the GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists that customers gain. GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists have expertise designing hundreds of greenhouses across varying climates and growing conditions. In addition to their design experience, greenhouse specialists are equipped with the latest commercial greenhouse technology. This technology ranges from passive ventilation options incorporated into the design, automated mechanical climate controllers, irrigation systems, supplemental lighting, and much more.

A quick phone call with one of GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists is all it takes for customers to be assured in the greenhouse design process. Within minutes, a member of the design team can customize a greenhouse to fit any particular grow operation by using accurate calculations. The accuracy achieved through professional calculations and automated technology helps cannabis growers achieve great success and an excellent product for market. GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists can also offer you advice and help you to think outside of the box to boost yields and profits.

These are just a few of the incredible benefits of receiving guidance from GrowSpan, so take a minute to call a greenhouse specialist or Request a Quote  today to find out just how quickly growers can transition into a more efficient and profitable growing system.