GrowSpan Contributes to Professional Marijuana Grower

January 10, 2018   

Another year has gone by and now that the days are starting to get longer again, increasing the natural light in a greenhouse can be a major advantage for cannabis producers.

GrowSpan contributed to the January/February 2018 issue of Professional Marijuana Grower, where they go into further depth on how longer days can equal larger profits for cannabis growers. To read the article, entitled “Longer Days Can Equal Larger Profits for Cannabis Growers” click here. 

While indoor growers are still required to use complete artificial lighting, greenhouse growers can alter their automated systems to let in more natural light during the longer days. This not only cuts back their use of artificial lighting, but it can save a tremendous amount of money.

With a full staff of expert cannabis specialists, GrowSpan can assist growers on how to maximize their natural resources, while still producing top quality bud.  GrowSpan Specialists can also help cannabis growers create well-developed lighting plans to ensure they’re decreasing their energy consumption.

In order for that growers to take advantage of the longer days, obtaining a light deprivation system is necessary. GrowSpan offers Blackout Systems that are fully automated and enable the grower to have complete control of the light cycle. The systems guarantee minimal labor and a superior growing environment.

GrowSpan Blackout Systems can be easily integrated to any of GrowSpan’s series greenhouses. Whether it’s the S500, S1000 or S2000, each grower can have their blackout system fit perfectly with their desired GrowSpan greenhouse, no matter the structure’s size or height. GrowSpan’s Specialists are available to help any grower design and integrate their ideal light deprivation greenhouse, and they have access to a wide range of growing tools and accessories.

Utilizing the increased natural light and following a well developed lighting plan can be a game changer for greenhouse growers. GrowSpan light-deprivation greenhouses and systems can help producers achieve their profit goals in 2018.

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