Optimal Growth Inc.

Challenge – Temperature control, year-round growing environment
Solution – GrowSpan Series 500 Greenhouse with Blackout System
Size – 30′ wide x 84′ long
Application – Cannabis production
Location – San Diego, Calif.

David Najera and Joel Garcia have been in the cannabis industry for over 15 years. Before Optimal Growth, Najera owned and operated four dispensaries, owned three cultivation sites and served as an intermediary broker. Garcia owned and operated a franchise of Stop & Grow Hydroponics cultivation supply stores before selling them to dedicate his complete attention to cannabis cultivation projects.

Over the years working in the industry, Najera and Garcia started to notice an increase in cannabis growers. They became determined to get ahead of the game and have a competitive edge. Their operation, Optimal Growth Inc., came to life in 2015 and the company now provides cannabis consulting with an emphasis on cultivation and distribution.

Najera has been a satisfied customer of GrowSpan’s affiliate company, FarmTek, for almost eight years. When he noticed the new cannabis section on GrowSpan’s website, he decided to do some more research. Due to the great benefits and pricing GrowSpan offered, Optimal Growth made the jump to buy a GrowSpan Series 500 greenhouse with the fully automated blackout system.

Because of their location in Northern California, Optimal Growth needed a greenhouse that could withstand harsh winters, while producing healthy cannabis year-round. The GrowSpan Series 500 greenhouse did just that. Najera explained, “In the dead of the winter and with heavy rain for months straight, we have the healthiest plants we’ve ever grown in Northern California.”

What Optimal Growth likes most about the greenhouse is the automation and environmental control. “It’s great how everything can be computerized with controls. We have complete control over the humidity and temperature, and since we’re able to program it all, it decreases labor.” The internal blackout system has been great compared to the greenhouses they used before, which had external blackout systems. “With the kind of winter it’s been with the heavy rain, it would have been extremely difficult trying to use an external blackout system.” Najera said they also enjoy the heating and supplemental lighting, which has caused a decrease in plant shock and stress from the cold weather.

The health of Optimal Growth’s plants have definitely benefited from the automated environmental control. Najera said, “This time of year people suffer tremendously from powdery mildew, and we haven’t seen a speck of it.”

Optimal Growth has had a great experience with their GrowSpan greenhouse. To anyone who’s considering purchasing a greenhouse from GrowSpan, Najera stresses that it’s important to make sure you have the right contractor. If in-house benefits and pricing play an important role, then GrowSpan is the way to go.

 For more information on Optimal Growth Inc. and their GrowSpan greenhouse, visit www.optimalgrowthinc.com.