HydroCycle Commercial Aquaponics Systems

Superior Aquaponics Systems and Higher Quality Crops at a Lower Cost

Hydrocycle Growing Systems Overview

Aquaponics is the symbiotic hydroponic system that involves raising fish and produce in an integrated setting. Crops are held in place in a raft bed that suspends the plants in nutrient-rich water. Fish are raised in aquaculture tanks, and their waste is used as fertilizer for the plants. The plants reciprocate by filtering the water for the fish. This creates a system that utilizes natural biological functions to produce a healthy, profitable product. With HydroCycle Aquaponics Systems, any business can gain an advantage. Experience the benefits of a natural, correlative relationship between plants and fish, all year round.

The HydroCycle Aquaponics Systems Advantage includes:

  • Maintain control over your crops and fish – Increased yields, quality and profits
  • Provide local markets with valuable fish
  • Energy-efficient – Save money on a monthly basis
  • Roots are soaked in nutrient-rich water to grow faster, superior produce
  • Eliminate use of commercial fertilizers
  • Minimize water waste
  • Maximum oxygen to the root zone, ideal moisture levels
  • Grow all year
  • Significantly reduced risk of pests and disease without pesticides
  • Durable construction that can withstand any growing environment

Aquaponics Specialists – Your Personal Industry Expert

HydroCycle’s Aquaponics Specialists work with each customer to help them determine the systems and designs that are right for them. Together specialists and customers create a system that compliments their operation and promotes a more profitable business. GrowSpan can also construct an ideal aquaponics greenhouse, allowing growers to produce both plants and fish on a continuous, year-round basis.

The HydroCycle Aquaponics Systems are a great option for small-scale professional operations or the hobbyist. These systems are commonly used in the classroom to teach aquaponics growing or to display the relationship between the plant and animal world.

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