Economy Shade Systems

GrowSpan SunBlocker™ Economy Shade Systems are cost-effect shade houses for any operation.

Shade houses can provide plants with essential relief from heat stress and also help to create an attractive retail display, but unfortunately, they aren’t always included in every grower’s or operation’s budget. If this is the case, GrowSpan offers the SunBlocker Economy Shade Systems. These shade houses have the functionality of a top-of-the-line shade structure, but they feature an economical price that any operation, no matter the size, can work with.

Despite being a cost-effective shade house solution, these shading systems still retain the high-quality materials that GrowSpan structures are manufactured with. Each frame has been triple-galvanized, so it can withstand corrosive environments, and is manufactured with American steel. The featured shade cloth is knitted polyethylene. This durable and high-quality material won’t rot or mildew, and it won’t weaken or become brittle overtime. The shade houses are available in a wide range or sizes, and can come as small as 10’W x 10’L or as large as 40’W x 50’L.

The GrowSpan SunBlocker Economy Shade System Advantage includes:

  • SunBlocker™ black-knit, polyethylene shade panels come in 40% to 80% options. They are manufactured to ensure a long life, and they won’t rot, mildew or become brittle over time.
  • With 5-way fittings, shade product can be expanded and laid out to suit any need.
  • Durable frames are manufactured from 1.66” OD, 14-gauge steel tubing. It is made in the USA and has been triple galvanized to resist corrosion.
  • Shade is securely attached to the frame with 8” Snugger Tie-Downs.
  • Anchoring systems available.

While these shade houses were designed to relieve plants from damaging heat, they’ve also been used for a number of other applications. These structures are commonly used to provide outdoor shade at events and to livestock, and they are also frequently used as carports.

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