Commercial Shade Houses

Commercial Shade Houses keep plants healthy by relieving heat stress

GrowSpan Commercial Shade Houses are the perfect way to store and display plants, while also keeping them protected from heat. Each commercial shade structure is manufactured with the utmost quality. They feature heavy-duty frames that are built to last and the industry’s finest shade cloth options. Shade cloth comes in a number of densities and brands, so there is a cloth for every operation. 

Commercial SunBlocker™ Shade House

  • Create the ideal, shaded environment. Shade cloth is available from 40% to 80%, and it can be outfitted on the roof, sides and gable ends. The density of cloth can be different from section to section.
  • Covers are made from durable polyethylene, which won’t rot, mildew or become weak over time.
  • Built with GrowSpan’s signature quality. The frame is made in America and triple galvanized, ensuring it is resistant to rust and corrosion. The frame is designed with enough height to allow heat to escape.
  • Panels are attached to the frame with 8” Snugger Tie-Downs, creating a dependable and secure connection.
  • Shade Houses can be manufactured to any size.
  • Anchor kits are available.
  • SunBlocker shade material features a 3 year warranty for out use.

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Commercial Shade Houses with Svensson Solaro

  • Utilizes the same frame as the Commercial SunBlocker™ Shade Houses, but covers it with Svensson Solaro shade panels.
  • Solaro Shade features a black/white polyolefin film that creates a cool space through solar reflection. The white side of the cloth provides significant shade by limiting both light and heat transmission, while the black side benefits plants when the temperature is low by limiting radiated heat loss.
  • Solaro shade cloth is available in shade options from 40% to 80%.
  • Svensson Shade Cloth features a 3 year warranty for outdoor use.

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