Add-A-Bay Shade Systems

The GrowSpan SunBlocker™ Add-A-Bay Shade System is the go-to shade house for expanding businesses.

GrowSpan’s SunBlocker Add-A-Bay Shade Systems were designed to keep growing and expanding businesses thriving. Investing money into a small business presents a number of difficult decisions, and one that just about everyone deals with is whether to build for what is currently need or for what is potentially needed. The Add-A-Bay Systems are a great shade house solution to this dilemma, because they expand as businesses need them to. The design of these structures eliminates wasted space and allows growers to use their money where it can be more immediately beneficial. 

The frame of the Add-A-Bay Systems ensures infinite expansion. The 5-way fittings allow each grower to create the shade structure that works best on their operation. Structures can be designed to hug corners or in non-traditional layouts, and, best of all, growers can utilize different shade densities on one structure. This makes the shade house hospitable to a wide array of plants, no matter what their shade needs are. The frames are built from high-quality, triple-galvanized structural steel that provides a long lasting life, and the shade cloth won’t rot, mildew or breakdown over time. 

The GrowSpan SunBlocker Add-A-Bay Shade System Advantage includes:

  • Add-A-Bay Shade Systems are available in 10’W x 10’H x 20’L and 20’W x 10’H x 20’L bays. They can be attached with 5-way fittings, so customers can create their ideal shade systems.
  • Systems feature infinite expansion and are easy to assemble.
  • Add-A-Bay shade houses are outfitted with SunBlocker™ shade material, which is available in 40% to 80% options.
  • The shade house frame is manufactured from 2.375” OD, USA-made steel. The 14-gauge steel has been triple galvanized, so it is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • The versatile design makes these a great option for other uses, like carports, outdoor events and expanding businesses.

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