Single Bay High Tunnels

GrowSpan Single Bay High Tunnels provide growers with a versatile and economically priced hoophouse.

Growers looking for cost-effective growing structure solution inevitably end up with a GrowSpan greenhouse or hoophouse. The Single Bay High Tunnel is among the most economical high tunnels on the market, but it still provides the functionality and durability that professional growers need.

These structures provide a versatile growing environment that can house many different crops. The quality of the structure mixed with the superior price, makes these great for professionals or hobbyists seeking a larger growing structure.  Each high tunnel is manufactured with the same high-quality materials that other GrowSpan structures feature. The steel frames have been triple galvanized, making them corrosion resistant, and each Single Bay hoophouse is covered with cover constructed from copolymer resin. 

The GrowSpan Single Bay High Tunnel Advantage includes:

  • Provides all the benefits of high tunnels, but features a cost-effect price that’s ideal for any operation.
  • Available in widths of 24’ and 28’.
  • Frames are American made and are constructed from 14-gauge, triple-galvanized steel. Tunnels that are 24’W feature a 1.66” OD and 28’W tunnels feature a 1.90” OD.
  • Single Bay High Tunnels are covered with Sun Master® 6 mil 4 year film. It has tri-layer construction with UV additives, and it is made from strong copolymer resin for strength. Sun Master Film provides 92 percent light transmission, repels dust and dirt and comes with a four year warranty.
  • End panels feature a 20’W x 10’H Roll-Up Door that quickly rolls up and down with GrowSpan’s hand crank assembly. End panels are made from 10 oz., 22 mil clear, rip-stop greenhouse fabric.
  • Features one ridge purlin and a sidewall height of 4’.
  • Sidewall covering can be pinned up or left down, providing natural ventilation.

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