Round Premium High Tunnels

GrowSpan Round Premium High Tunnels are the professional’s go-to high tunnel greenhouse. 

Round Premium High Tunnels provide operations with a consistent environment that allows them to get to market quicker and remain in market even after the competition’s season has ended. These high tunnel greenhouses can be sized for any scale, so any grower or operation can take advantage of the structure’s superior benefits. 

GrowSpan Round Premium High Tunnels come with numerous covering options, so growers can pick the cover that best suits their region or crops. These tunnels can be easily ventilated, so heat stress never has to be an issue. Just like every other GrowSpan high tunnel greenhouse, the Round Premium High Tunnel is constructed from the finest, most-dependable materials. 

The GrowSpan Round Premium High Tunnel Advantage includes:

  • Enhanced crop yields and quality, as well as a boost in profitability. 
  • Versatility that is ideal for just about any crop. 
  • Superior temperature control with maximum ventilation. Roll-Up and Drop-Down Sides allow growers to obtain four-sided ventilation with just a twist of the wrist. 
  • Protection from harsh weather and pests. 
  • Available in 14′, 20′, 26′ and 30′ widths. 
  • Dependable construction that provides a long life. Frames are constructed from USA-made, triple-galvanized steel that is resistant to corrosive environments. Rafter spacing on the frames is 4′. 
  • Customer’s choice of cover, which includes Sun Master® 6 mil 4 year Clear Greenhouse Film or PolyMax® 5.2 oz. 12 mil Clear Woven Greenhouse Film. Sun Master film is made from strong copolymer resin that features tri-layer construction. It is made with UV additives, offers 92% light transmission and comes with a 4 year warranty. The PolyMax cover also has UV additives, and it features 85% light transmission and a 4 year warranty. 
  • Multiple end panel options. Structures that are 20’W or wider can be outfitted with Zippered or Roll-Up Doors. Roll-Up Doors are easily operated with Growers Supply’s Hand Crank Assembly System. Zippered panels utilize a triple-zippered design for easy access. 
  • Heavy-duty ground posts included. 

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