Round Economy High Tunnels

GrowSpan Round Economy High Tunnels ensure any grower can utilize an effective high tunnel or hoop greenhouse. 

High tunnels can give growing businesses the edge they need to produce profitable crops and keep their business growing. This hoop greenhouse was designed for those seeking an economical price, without sacrificing any functionality. The quality of GrowSpan’s Round Economy High Tunnels ensures that they please the professional grower, but the appealing price ensures that they can also be used by the backyard grower and hobbyist. 

GrowSpan Round Economy High Tunnels let growers get a jump start on the season. The covered environment lets plants be started earlier in the season, and it also allows for an extra harvest at the end of the season. It also provides protection to crops from pests and damaging weather, like snow or hail, so growers can easily maintain their crop’s quality and profitability. Each Round Economy High Tunnel comes with Roll-Up Sides. They allow growers to quickly provide ventilation to crops, reducing the possibility of heat stress. Sides can be quickly rolled up or down with minimal labor. 

The GrowSpan Round Economy High Tunnel Advantage includes: 

  • Durable, long-lasting construction. Each hoop greenhouse is manufactured with American-made, 14 gauge, triple-galvanized steel that is corrosion resistant. 
  • Structures are covered with 6 mil 4 year single layer greenhouse film. Economy High Tunnels include film to cover the structure’s ends, so each tunnel is enclosed and secure. 
  • Roll-Up Sides allow the tunnels to be easily ventilated, so crops can always be in a beneficial environment. 
  • 6′ rafter spacing. 
  • Heavy-duty ground posts included. 
  • Round Economy High Tunnels come complete with all the hardware required for installation. 
  • Baseboards are recommended. Growers Supply can provide recycled plastic lumber that comes with a 50 year warranty and is ideal for this application. 

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