Rolling Premium High Tunnels

Crop rotation has never been easier with GrowSpan’s Rolling Premium High Tunnel.

Portable greenhouses are costly and difficult to integrate into existing operations. GrowSpan Rolling Premium High Tunnels provide growers with a structure that can easily be moved around their property. This feature reduces nutrient depletion within the soil, helping to keep businesses thriving and the land that they reside on healthy. These high tunnels are easily moved on pipe track rollers, which are manufactured from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and functionality. While a portable greenhouse can actually be difficult to move, these structures can be placed where they are needed most. 

Rolling High Tunnels allow growers to extend their growing season, by allowing them to start growing earlier in the season and to get an extra harvest at the end of the season. They also provide valuable protection to crops. Inclement weather, like snow or hail, doesn’t reach crops, so they maintain their value. These factors allow growers of any scale to achieve their full growing potential. 

The GrowSpan Rolling Premium High Tunnel Advantage includes:

  • Rolling High Tunnels are an ideal options for those looking for a portable greenhouse that can be moved around a plot of land.
  • Avoid soil nutrient depletion by rotating crops.
  • High tunnel easily and smoothly moves on pipe track rollers.
  • Available in 30’W frames. Durable frames are made from American-made, 14-gauge steel with a 1.90” OD.
  • Covered with Sun Master 6 mil 4 year film. The tri-layer construction is made from copolymer resin with UV additives. Covers provide 92 percent light transmission and come with a four year warranty.
  • Features durable partial end wall framing, as well as wind bracing.
  • End panels are 10 oz., 22 mil rip-stop fabric. It is triple zippered and comes with fabric clips.
  • Sides easily roll-up with a hand crank to provide four sided ventilation.
  • 4’ rafter spacing.

GrowSpan Rolling Premium High Tunnels make easy work of crop rotation and prevent build-up of soil-borne disease. Call or Request a Quote