Roll-Up Low Pro Tunnel

The ideal, compact low tunnel for any operation

Growers Supply has been designing and manufacturing high tunnels for decades, and over this time have created a number of innovative tunnels. The GrowSpan Roll-Up Low Pro Tunnel provides growers with a unique and compact growing structure that allows an early start to the growing season. 

The Roll-Up Low pro Tunnel design allows for the cover to be rolled up to the structure’s peak on both sides. This is done with a simple twist of the wrist, and in just a couple minutes, crops that were enclosed are fully ventilated and receiving plenty of fresh air and sun. 

This tunnel can be clad with a black/silver cover to provide plants with complete light deprivation or clear greenhouse film. 

The GrowSpan Roll-Up Low Pro Tunnel Advantage includes:

  • A unique design that allows the cover to be retracted to the structure’s peak. 
  • An economical and effective option. This low tunnel provide protection, the extension of growing seasons and control of the light cycle when paired with blackout material. 
  • Super compact design with a low profile. The structure has 32″ clearance on the sides, which a 5’H peak and 4′ rafter spacing.
  • Choose the cover option that best fits the operation’s specific needs. Options are 6 oz. black/silver cover, which is perfect for blackout needs, or 6 mil clear greenhouse film. 
  • Durable construction features USA-made frames that are 14-gauge and have been triple galvanized for corrosion resistance. 20’W and 26’W tunnels use 1.66″ OD pipe, while 30’W models use 1.90″ pipe. 
  • End panels are included with the structure. They have a zippered section that makes maneuvering equipment in and out of the structure easy. 
  • Heavy-duty ground posts are included. 

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