Straight Sided Cold Frames

GrowSpan Straight Sided Cold Frames have a round, arched frame with straight sides, creating a growing structure with the maximum amount of usable space. 

For those looking for a growing structure that has the maximum amount of growing space at a reasonable price, the GrowSpan Straight Sided Cold Frame is an ideal option. The design takes a round style frame, but straightens the sides, creating a superior environment. The frame’s design allows plants to thrive by allowing air to easily circulate and also reduces potentially damaging humidity. 

These structures are versatile in nature, and they are great for professional operations or backyard growers. They can be outfitted with Growers Supply’s vast assortment of film and covers, and this allows each grower to create a frame and cover combination that is ideal for their operation. Greenhouse Specialists are available to help customers select the cover option that is best for them and to offer advice on how to best utilize the structure. 

When using a Straight Sided Cold Frame, growers can not only produce more by gaining extra growing space, but also by lengthening the growing season. With the proper cover, growers can actually start growing earlier and get an extra harvest at the end of the growing season, while also providing valuable protection to crops from harmful weather and pests. 

The GrowSpan Straight Sided Cold Frame Advantage includes:

  • Promotes superior air circulation, while stabilizing temperature and reducing humidity.
  • Available in 20’W and 28’W models. 20’W models have a sidewall height of 4’6”, and 28’W models have a sidewall height of 4’.
  • Cold Frames are built to last. They are constructed from triple-galvanized,14-gauge steel that is made in America.
  • Rafter Kits are available to add more structural support in areas with heavy wind or snow.
  • Heavy-duty ground posts and purlins included.

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