Round Cold Frames

GrowSpan Round Cold Frames give growers an early start each season.

Get an effective growing structure that can be utilized on any operation or property at a fraction of the cost. A GrowSpan Round Cold Frame is among the industry’s most cost-effective growing structures. Best of all, they maintain the high quality and functionality that GrowSpan structures are known for.

When using a cold frame, growers can get to market sooner, due to their ability to start growing earlier in the season. This cold frame also provides protection to crops. Harsh weather and pests are less likely to affect crops, and keeping these damaging factors out of the growing environment can be very easy when cold frames are used correctly. 

Due to each cold frame being able to be outfitted with a seemingly endless amount of cover options, Round Cold Frames from Growers Supply are one of the most versatile cold frame kits on the market. Greenhouse Specialist can help to outfit each frame with the cover that is most beneficial for the operation it will be used on, ensuring each cold frame functions exactly how it is expected to. 

GrowSpan Round Cold Frames feature high-quality, American steel. The frames have been triple-galvanized, so each structure can be utilized just about anywhere, no matter how corrosive the environment is. 

The GrowSpan Round Cold Frame Advantage includes:

  • Promote superior harvests with a safe and beneficial planting environment that allows operations to grow earlier in the season and harvest later.
  • Easy assembly with no drilling or welding. Everything comes already cut, so structure just needs to be assembled.
  • Durable construction for a long and dependable life. The frame is made from heavy-gauge, USA-made, triple-galvanized steel.
  • Rafter Support Kits are available for those in areas with heavy snow or wind.
  • Heavy-duty ground posts included.

GrowSpan Round Cold Frames can help any grower. Call or Request a Quote today.