Gothic Cold Frames

GrowSpan Gothic Cold Frames are a great cold frame kit for professionals and hobbyists

GrowSpan Gothic Cold Frames ensure that growers get a cost-effective cold frame kit that doesn’t sacrifice quality or functionality. The structure can help growers gain their most successful harvest. The design features straight sidewalls that allow growers to plant to the very edges of the structure. With the maximum amount of usable space, growers can produce more within the structure, promoting a more profitable growing season year after year. 

Cold frames from GrowSpan are manufactured for a long life, and they feature the same high-quality materials found in other GrowSpan growing structures. Triple-galvanized steel allows structures to stand up to corrosive environments, making this cold frame kit great for any region. Growers also have their choice of covering options when utilizing a GrowSpan Gothic Cold Frame. Each grower is able to select the cover that is best for their needs and production, and a Growers Supply Greenhouse Specialist is always available to help select a cover and provide advice.

The GrowSpan Gothic Cold Frame Advantage includes:

  • Cold frames allow growers to create a secure and cost-effective environment that can promote healthier crops and higher yields.
  • Straight sidewall design provides maximum growing space within the structure.
  • Construction is simple and can be completed alone or with a small crew. Everything comes cut, so there is no drilling or welding.
  • Cold frame kits use a sturdy frame that is built from heavy-gauge, triple-galvanized steel that was made in America. These corrosion resistant frames ensure dependable use and can withstand even the most corrosive environments. 
  • 4’H sidewalls.
  • 4’ rafter spacing.
  • Structures include heavy-duty ground posts.
  • For areas with high wind or heavy snow, Growers Supply suggests the GrowSpan Gothic-Style Support Package.

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