Economy Cold Frames

Economy Cold Frames are the most economical solution to start cold frame gardening from home.

Cold frame gardening is simple with a GrowSpan structure. These Economy Cold Frames were designed with the home gardener in mind, but feature the quality that professionals seek, making them suitable for any operation. Economy Cold Frames allow hobbyists to take their horticultural passion to the next level in a structure that is easy to assemble and manage year in and year out. 

With this structure, growers can begin their growing earlier int he year and also get an extra harvest in at the end of the growing season. The secure environment allows plants to thrive in colder temperatures, and it also ensures protection from damaging weather and pests. 

Cold frame gardening is a great way for home growers and hobbyists to earn some extra income from their own home without drastically increasing their workload. With extra harvests, it is nearly effortless to produce a great number of crops, and the beneficial environment allows growers to improve the overall quality of their crops and yields. There are also a number of frame sizes, so growers can plan to have extra space to experiment with new plants.  

The GrowSpan Economy Cold Frame Advantage includes:

  • Anybody can get the benefits of a greenhouse structure with this cost-effective frame.
  • Choose from a large selection of frame widths and lengths.
  • Extra rafter kits, as well as pipe for additional purlins available.  
  • High-quality and durable frame is made from 19-gauage, triple-galvanized steel that has an OD of 1.05” and is American made. The frame uses 5’ rafter spacing and has one purlin.
  • Growers have the option of saving on covers by including 6 mil 4 year greenhouse film. This professional-grade film has UV block and an anti-dust additive for improved clarity. 8’ single U-channels and stainless steel springs are included with cover.
  • Heavy-duty ground posts and post drive included.

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