Cold Frames

GrowSpan Cold Frames create a versatile growing environment that can be constructed quickly

GrowSpan Cold Frames provide a versatile and cost-effective structure that can be used anywhere from a professional nursery to a residential property. The economical prices and supreme functionality of these structures ensure that users get the most for their dollar. A cold frame allows growers to select their ideal covering, and Growers Supply can provide a number of options, all of which can help growers to create a structure that is ideal for their operation and the crops that they produce. 

Utilizing a cold frame can help operations increase their money-making potential. By using the structures, crops can be planted earlier and harvested later, allowing operations to be first to market and gain an extra harvest at the end of the season. Adding a cold frame can also provide valuable protection. With the structure, crops are covered from damaging weather and pests, allowing a greater percentage of crops to reach the market. 

As a one-stop shop, Growers Supply can provide growers with the cold frame structure and cover that they need, as well as any other growing accessory that they require. A Greenhouse Specialist can help growers select the structure and cover that is ideal for their operation and growing environment.

A Greenhouse Specialist can also help growers identify the structure that is right for them.

GrowSpan Cold frame options include:

 Gothic Cold Frame  Round Cold Frame  Economy Cold Frame
GrowSpan Gothic Cold Frames GrowSpan Round Cold Frames GrowSpan Economy Cold Frames
 Straight Sided Cold Frame  Series 500 Cold Frame  
GrowSpan Straight Sided Cold Frames GrowSpan Series 500 Tall Cold Frames  

GrowSpan Cold Frames are manufactured with the highest integrity. Often times growers opt for a cheap growing structure, as opposed to an economical growing structure, and these cheap structures can quickly breakdown. A cold frame from GrowSpan ensures a long-lasting life and plenty of use. 

Getting the perfect cold frame for growers on any scale is simple when working with Growers Supply. Find out how a GrowSpan Cold Frame can help.